During life’s most difficult time, Lauren Lowry gave me guidance enabling me to keep my children and I together. Looking back, I have no idea how I did it. Life was a challenge; a divorce, a custody suit for my oldest child, and a house in foreclosure all at the same time. I went from having “the perfect marriage” to finding myself nearly homeless and sleeping at my parents house with just a few changes of clothes for my children and I. Battered and bruised, Lauren walked me though what steps to take and how to persevere during the darkest part of my life.The straight-forward advice, willingness to listen, honesty, and compassion are what accomplished the goal to keep my family together. During the two year long legal process, Lauren, Terry and the staff at Kenny & Lowry, P.L.L.C became my support system, cheerleaders, confidants, shoulder to cry on, and strength when I thought I had none. I am now settled into a new life, my boys are doing the best they have ever done and they are happy, confident children. I believe our outcome would be completely different and we would not be thriving if Lauren, Terry, Angela, and CJ had not held my hand and guided me during this devastating time. There is no one I trust as much as Lauren, Terry and their team, and no one I want by my side during difficult times more. Words cannot express my admiration, gratitude and love I feel for this team.

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