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Experienced Family Law Services In Gaston County And Surrounding Areas

Experienced Family Law Services In Gaston County And Surrounding Areas
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Kenny & Lowry, P.L.L.C., is a law firm committed to helping North Carolinians address all their family law needs. Our depth of experience in family law enables us to advise clients on a wide variety of family law matters.

For many law firms, family law is just one small part of their daily concerns, so your prenuptial agreement, divorce or adoption is competing with someone else’s business disputes or personal injury lawsuit for your lawyer’s attention. At Kenny & Lowry, P.L.L.C., we focus solely on family law because your family is important to us. Whether you are just getting married or considering divorce, seeking to adopt a child or modify an existing custody arrangement, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

All families change over time — marriages start and sometimes end, children are born or adopted, parents have changing needs as they grow older. Whether these changes are planned or unexpected, many changes require an attorney’s help to formalize them and ensure that all relevant issues have been addressed. At Kenny & Lowry, P.L.L.C., our goal is to help you resolve your legal matters quickly and efficiently so that you can start the next chapter of your life on the right foot.

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Offering a Wide Range of
Family Law Services

How We Put Your Family First

The family law attorneys at Kenny & Lowry, P.L.L.C., assist our clients in many areas of family law, from divorce and property distribution to child custody arrangements and adoption. We can help you draft premarital agreements and post-marital agreements, divide property fairly after a separation and design a child custody and child support arrangement that reflects your child’s best interests and protects your parenting and financial rights.

Offering A Wide Range Of Family Law Services

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