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It’s always happy news when a family welcomes a new member — whether by marriage, the birth of a child, or through adoption. Indeed, adoption is an especially happy occasion since it is the culmination of both love and a lot of work.

Unfortunately, adoption can be complicated. The legal obstacles are there for a reason, though: it’s a serious commitment to permanently transfer the legal rights, obligations and custody of a child from a parent to another party. At Kenny & Lowry, P.L.L.C., our experienced adoption attorneys are committed to helping you finalize your adoption and grow your family.

Make Your Role As A Parent Official

Adoptions can start in a variety of places in North Carolina and beyond — many begin when interested potential parents contact an adoption agency. Alternatively, adoption can also mean transferring parental rights from one parent to another — for instance, from the child’s biological parents to his or her stepparent, grandparents, aunt, uncle or other relative.

Each adoption is different, and it is important to have a skilled Gastonia adoption attorney like Lauren E. Lowry who can guide you through the process. In some circumstances, both biological parents are in agreement and willing to sign consents for the adoption to take place. In other circumstances, a biological parent may be unknown, absent, or not in agreement with the adoption and their parental rights must be terminated in order to proceed. Whatever your circumstances may be, at Kenny & Lowry, P.L.L.C, law firm we are ready to navigate the adoption process with you.

Grow Your Family With A Thorough, Compassionate Attorney’s Help

Raising a child is a great responsibility, and it is our honor to help you bring a child into your home and count him or her as a member of your family.

To learn more about how Kenny & Lowry, P.L.L.C. can assist with your adoption, Contact Kenny & Lowry, P.L.L.C online or call us at 704-861-9199 to schedule an initial consultation in our Gastonia office.

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