Best Practices For Separating Parents

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Best Practices For Separating Parents

Separation and divorce is obviously stressful for spouses. It can also put an emotional strain on your children, and they may act out in a variety of ways. Your children may feel anger toward both parents, or toward one more than the other.

To help you and your family navigate this trying time, we have assembled a list of best practices to maintain healthy relationships with your children.

Best Practices For Separating Parents

  1. Set your anger aside: Regardless of the sadness, hurt and anger you may feel during your separation or divorce, it’s important to save those emotions for time spent with other adults who can help you work through those feelings. When spending time with your children, remember that their needs come first, and refrain from discussing “adult” topics and the other parent with or around your children.
  2. Maintain open communication with your co-parent: Parents must communicate regularly about their child’s needs, even if these conversations feel awkward. Establish a business-like tone and focus on your child’s needs. When these conversations are unpleasant, keep in mind that they are for your child’s well-being.
  3. Make decisions as a team: Your child will have a much more stable home life if both parents can agree on a consistent set of rules, discipline and schedules.
  4. Make visitations and transitions between parents as smooth as possible: Simply saying “hello” and “goodbye” can be a stressful moment for your child if they are about to switch from one parent’s home to the other’s. You can reduce this stress by treating the transition as a casual, low-key event, and by being friendly or at least respectful toward the other parent. It’s also helpful to help your child pack in advance, and keep basic clothing and toiletry staples at both houses.

We Understand The Unique Challenges Of Separation

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